Automatic triangular pyramid tea bag with envelope packing machine

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Automatic triangular pyramid tea bag with envelope packing machine   Model :TTW-04


This machine is applicable for food and medicine packaging industry, and suitable for green tea, black tea, scented tea, coffee, healthy tea, flower tea, herbal tea and other granules. It is a high technology, fully automatic equipment to make the new style pyramid tea bags.

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l This machine is used for packing two kinds of tea bags :flat bags, dimensional pyramid bag.

l This machine can automatically complete feeding, measuring, bag making, sealing, cutting, counting and product conveying.

l Adopt accurate control system to adjust the machine;

l PLC control and HMI touch screen , for easy operation, convenient adjustment and simple maintenance.

l Bag length are controlled double servo motor drive, to realize stable bag length, positioning accuracy and convenient adjustment.

l Imported ultrasonic device and electric scales filler for accuracy feeding and stable filling.

l Automatic adjust the packing material size.

l Fault alarm and shut down whether it has something trouble.

3.Technical Parameters



(4sets electronic scales)

Nylon /Non-woven fabric Packing film,pyramid bag  and envelop bag size

120mm (50*50 mm),Envelop Bag≥ 80*90 mm

140mm (60*60 mm),Envelop Bag≥ 80*95 mm

 160mm ( 70*70 mm),Envelop Bag≥ 90*100 mm

Pyramid bag Packing speed


40-60 bags/min

Envelop bag Packing speed


20-30 bags/min

Measuring range




Air pressure


Machine weight


Machine size



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